How to setup Wordpress Plugin

First download, install, and active the AdTrack Wordpress plugin.
Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to the new AdTrack submenu from the Wordpress administration interface.

Follow the instruction listed on the AdTrack Dasboard in order to enter the Access Key and Security Code.

Quick Starting Instructions

After entering the Access key and Security Code, go to the Rental Spaces tab and find the Rental Space that you want to embed in your Posts and/or Pages, then simply copy & paste the Shortcode into any part of the Pages and/or Posts in order to render your Rental Space. Shortcode example:

[AdTrack id=10]

From the list of Rental Spaces you can see any/all shortcodes that are available via AdTrack.
Note: If you wish to use the rental spaces on the widget text, please go to settings tab and enable this option.