How AdTrack Works

It's Simple. AdTrack is designed to allow website owners to manage their own 'ad space' on their websites, whether just for their own ads, or renting ad space, or making ad space available direct to the advertiser. It works by adding a simple line to the website code, and then managing everything through a cloud service portal, which tracks all the impressions and other data that both the ad space owner and potential advertisers need to know. It helps calculate what an ad space is worth, but lets ad owners set their own pricing models, or let the market set the prices.

What was normally only available to the very large traffic websites and advertisers now is available to everyone, big or small. Start off with a simple ad space and upload a banner. Move up to a complete management system that takes care of everything from sign-ups, rentals, and e-commerce. Try it out today!

AdTrack for Website Owners

How it works ...

  • Register and confirm your account
  • Add your website to your AdTrack cloud dashboard
  • When you want to advertise your space for rent to the public
  • Complete control what ads run and when
  • Know exactly how your ad space is performing - no guessing!
  • Rental Rates, Management and Statistics

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AdTrack for Advertisers

How it works ...

  • Publish your Ads on 3rd party websites
  • Publish your Ads on your own website
  • Choose the websites you want to advertise on
  • See exactly how far your Ad reaches
  • No guess work required - you see exactly what your ad is worth
  • Contact us today to get started selling your Ads on AdTrack!